Meeting Again or Not

by admin ~ May 16th, 2020. Filed under: Brandenburg.

Let’s say that we started meeting again, the virus spread in our midst and many people died. Would they be martyrs? Defying the government and meeting out of a scriptural conviction to meet would be the basis of the martyrdom. They would be dying in order to meet. Some are saying that in the country. From the start, we have said that we believe that the government is not instructing churches not to meet because of their antagonism toward God and the Bible. They are doing it as a part of the biblical job of government, that being to protect life. They are saying that it could crowd hospitals, overwhelm the system, as a hypothetical. It hasn’t happened. They think it would happen. It did occur for a time in New York City and in Italy. The leaders in our government anticipated it here. Churches began to do drive-in services. The state said, no, but the courts stepped in, and the state relented. I don’t feel antagonism from the government on this. Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t think I am. Some have said that there is a conspiracy here. I know there is a conspiracy overall always. Satan is always working against the church. Our church must meet at some point no matter what. A church must assemble to be a church. If we stop assembling, we would be disobedient. I don’t believe we’re there yet. Our goal is to attempt the drive-in before May ends. We’ve ordered an FM transmitter for real time audio. I’m always open to questions about this, but I’m confident we’re doing the right thing.

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