Coronavirus and Wise Decisions

by admin ~ May 2nd, 2020. Filed under: Brandenburg.

Good decisions very often take more than one factor into consideration. Sometimes it’s one component. It is disobedience to God, so you don’t do it. Other decisions take more of what scripture calls “wisdom.” These decisions are based upon principles of scripture and I want to explore that thought as it relates to opening the economy of the country. I took a course on ethics in college as a part of a six hour or unit philosophy requirement. Biblical ethics was called hierarchicalism, doing the greatest good. If a country loses its wisdom, because of rejection of scripture, it becomes either difficult or sometimes impossible to make the right decision. Taking sin out of the equation, let’s say that “life” is the highest principle of justice. Does quarantine and the shut down of the economy save the most lives? Or is that what must be done based on political expediency, because of the evil influence of the contemporary media? If a hot spot develops and people die from opening business again, will that give the election to another candidate, even if in fact it saves more lives. In a risk and reward assessment, that does more than short term analysis, someone could figure the total loss of life over a longer period of time due to consequential military conflict, poverty and sickness related to poverty, depression, drug use, domestic violence, and other results of closing up for business. Does America today have the degree of self-government necessary to look at more than the short term for decisions?

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