More Covid-19

by admin ~ April 17th, 2020. Filed under: Brandenburg.

It has occurred to me that people have a stronger expectation for the Lord’s return, as least among those looking for the coming of our Lord. Why is that? Revelation is filled with plagues. The Covid-19 is called a plague. None of the plagues that I can see in Revelation are diseases. Death in chapter 6 might be a disease. Many think so. There are so many ways that people will die, that disease seems like a likely way. I saw part of an interview with the attorney general of the United States and he said that he thought that this was the biggest threat, more than global warming (not that global warming is one). I had someone ask me to pray for the end of this plague. I don’t think that Satan is in control of this disease. I believe that God is allowing it. He could be causing it and that would be right. Mankind deserves judgment. Except we repent, we shall all likewise perish. Everyone deserves bad times. Good times are what we don’t deserve and yet we get so many of those. We would hope that people would wake up. We have ladies in our church, who are preparing to deliver a child. The birth pains are used as a metaphor of the signs of the coming of the Lord. They get the attention of a woman, that her child might be close to coming. Covid-19 isn’t a sign, but it serves to get our attention, because of the similarity with signs, yet to a far lesser extent. What has heightened it is the condition of mankind. We are not accustomed to living in these types of onditions that were normal for most of history. We might be looking up.

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