It Might Not Seem Real

by admin ~ April 10th, 2020. Filed under: Brandenburg.

When I was a child, I remember looking forward with amazement at what was before me. It didn’t seem real. I saw other people having arrived at those events of life, but I was just seeing them experience them. I’m not saying this should have been something I was anticipating, but the first one was fifth grade basketball. I played on an actual team, sort of like the ones I watched when I attended Indiana high school basketball games. These seemed like heroic figures. Then it was football. Then it was marriage. I remember my wedding day. That was surreal. I didn’t feel different, but I was pinching myself. Then came our first child. That was another one of those unreal happenings. I don’t want to rain on your parade, but that’s not the right way to see life. I know, easy for me to say, who has already gone through all those. What’s wrong is first, the greatest event is salvation. It just is. When you received the Lord Jesus Christ, that ranked ahead of everything. The next big event really is either when we see Jesus Christ at His return or our own death. I’m writing this in part because this coronavirus experience is a first for me. It is a historic event that we are in the midst of living. We don’t even know how this is going to end. No one can predict right now. I’m wondering when the major crime spree will start, where people hurt someone to take their food, because their family is starving. What’s important are not these events, none of them. What’s important is exalting God and pleasing Him every moment.

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