Scriptural Thinking Related to the Coronavirus

by admin ~ April 2nd, 2020. Filed under: Brandenburg.

The coronavirus gives a multitude of scriptural thinking to consider. It reminds that life is short, like James 4:14 says that your life is a vapor. It shows that life is precarious so that we can’t control everything about our futures, which recalls the next verse, James 4:15, saying that if the Lord wills we will do this or that. We don’t want to be presumptuous. We are not in control of the future. Only God is. I gave several biblical lessons on Wednesday night when I talked about suffering. One of them is that the tiny virus can kill thousands of people. This says that our lives are dependent on the grace of God. God sustains this universe and we have it good only because of God. This is an example of it. If God wanted to allow a virus with a 100% death rate, He could do that. I’m saying this is at least from Hebrews 1:3, that God upholds all things by the Word of His power. In that same sermon, I said there were at least 32 different reasons in scripture for suffering and right now I could list all of those. I gave six in that sermon, and I’m not going to repeat those, but the Bible gives a lot of good reasons for suffering. If God wanted us to die, He could allow us to die. As we think about God from the perspective of Jesus in Matthew 6, He taught us not to worry. Why? Because He will take care of us like He takes care of the sparrow and He takes care of the lily of the field. He takes very good care of those, so we should assume that He wants to take care of us. Could death be His way of taking care of us in certain instances? Yes.

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