Fear Not

by admin ~ March 21st, 2020. Filed under: Brandenburg.

Wow. I wasn’t alive in World War 1 or World War 2 or ones further back. We had several smaller wars, sometimes even called conflicts, but Korea and Vietnam were wars, and many died. It changed those people’s lives, who were in the middle of them. In my lifetime, however, I’ve never seen anything like this coronavirus thing. I’ve never had the kind of estimates I’m hearing from people, who don’t seem political. They vary a lot, from just bad to very, very bad. Some say, don’t panic. Others say, panic, or at lest take it very, very seriously. We are wanting to be appropriate here in how we apply, take it seriously. I’ve changed on some decisions. I canceled the work day. I texted people to tell them not to come if they’re sick. I’ve given some instructions for meeting. We canceled school for three weeks. I’m not going on a trip I was taking next week. A trip I’m taking in June, I insured the trip. I bought insurance in case I have to cancel. I’ve washed my hands many more times recently than I normally do. I’ve used way more hand sanitizer. A lot of people are on edge. As a Christian, I’m commanded not to fear. Fear not. God hasn’t given us the spirit of fear. This relates to God’s sovereignty, His love and goodness, power, and wisdom. It also relates to eternal life. People are more afraid of death. There will probably be greater opportunities for evangelism if we use them. People have stronger thoughts about death right now. We can use those as an advantage for God.

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