Work Not Going to Run Out

by admin ~ March 14th, 2020. Filed under: Brandenburg.

I know who I see as obedient pastors, who pastor churches with obedient church members, and they are not seeing people saved in their churches. I know one that has seen none in a few years and another that has seen one in several years. In both cases, they evangelize earnestly every week. In our church we see great evangelism opportunities on a regular basis with several gospel presentations each week. In the last ten years, we have seen on average, perhaps 1 or 2 saved a year. That is a large number compared to the men and the churches to whom I’m referring. We see children of church members saved, but very few adults through the evangelism of our church. We were happy to see at about four years, the Teale’s see thirteen sign their charter for the official start of their church. These are not people whom they have led to Christ. They are mainly transfers. What’s happening? Is something wrong with the churches and the leadership? I don’t think so. They’ve plowed and plowed and sowed and sowed and watered and watered. The soil isn’t good. It’s gotten much, much worse. I say this to you to encourage you to be faithful, so that you won’t be discouraged with the results. We can be more faithful. I believe there are more out there to be saved in our area, and we haven’t come close to telling everyone. We’ve worked at it over many years, but we still have a lot to do, which is exciting. The work isn’t going to run out.

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