Love Thinketh No Evil

by admin ~ January 18th, 2020. Filed under: Brandenburg.

In 1 Corinthians 13:5, Paul describes love with this one description among fourteen others, “[Love] thinketh no evil.” That statement in the King James Version doesn’t mean, don’t have evil thoughts. As some of you know, it translates the Greek word, logizomai, which as a transliteration into the English, means, “log.” Love will not log in the mind of that person an evil that has been done or said to him. Love logs not. Just as a thought experiment, let’s add some words. Love logs not, unless not enough remorse is shown. Love logs not, except when it is useful to log, such as when it can be used to manipulate the other person. A lot of corollary practical teaching goes along with “logging not.” To log not, someone cannot hold grudges, cannot let the sun go down upon his wrath, must be forbearing, can turn the other cheek, must reconcile, and must be forgiving. When I think someone has offended me, I’ve got to decide to give up on the offense, to let it go. It’s a release. I commit myself to different treatment of that person, to give the message that it’s behind, whatever it is that I think someone has done to me. Saved people can do that. Saved people are required to do that. God does that. He’s the example. Jesus is the model. Love is of God. God works toward “logging not.” Love is fruit of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit enables “logging not.” When the believer goes ahead and “logs,” the Holy Spirit reproves of that. It is an unfruitful work of darkness that should be reproved.

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