When Someone Likes Christmas

by admin ~ December 21st, 2019. Filed under: Brandenburg.

There is a tradition for Christians to celebrate Christmas. It’s not a difficult thing to do, because almost everyone likes Christmas. The world even likes Christmas. It’s like an ink blot of a rorschach test, where you can turn Christmas into almost anything that you want. Almost no one will be surprised to find out you like Christmas and do things for it. Talking about Christmas is not the same thing as talking about Jesus in the way a Christian should. It could be, but very often it isn’t. Young people still will often say, they just love Christmas. They love the decorations, the music, the opening of the gifts. Do they love Jesus Himself? I would say in many cases, not so much. They don’t evangelize a single soul. They don’t exegete the real Christmas story to anyone, exalting in the salvation aspects of the story. So I’m asking and challenging, do you really care about Christ as Christmas? Does Christ mean something to you? What would Jesus have you do in honor of His birth? These are the common or normal acts of obedience that Jesus would want from you. These are the gifts to bring to Him. A believer in Jesus Christ would obey scripture: forgiveness, acts of love to others, hospitality, compassion, evangelism, praise, and prayer. Perhaps you could practice reconciliation with someone because Jesus was born to reconcile us to God. The elevation of love for and obedience to Christ is to put the Christ of Christmas in His proper perspective. What does Christmas mean if it doesn’t mean this?

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