Good, but Less than the Gospel

by admin ~ November 23rd, 2019. Filed under: Brandenburg, gospel.

When I explain the gospel, and as I teach it to our church, I start with ‘we’re all sinners, none of are good, we deserve a penalty, so we deserve Hell.’ That’s very unpopular, not the most unpopular but perhaps second or third most of what I say. After I’m done with that, I say, “Christ died for us.” I ask, “Do you believe Christ died for you?” Almost everyone believes in that already. I ask, but people immediately say, yes, no argument almost ever. Am I done then? Is that all necessary? Some treat the gospel like it ends there, “Christ died for us, died for you.” It’s necessary. They need to know that and believe it. Even if they say they believe it, it doesn’t mean they do, because they might still believe salvation also comes by means of good works, and it doesn’t. At one of his “Sunday services” that are making the news, covered by the media, Kanye West, who professes to have just been saved, says that salvation is as simple as “Christ died for us.” He says that there is too much made of the Roman Catholics and what they do, of the Mormons and their extra books, when it’s just as simple as Christ died for us. Is that true? Many, many think that. It’s not enough to believe Christ died for us. He died for us, and that needs to be believed, but it isn’t even the main thing. As John said, believe that Jesus is the Christ. The Christ is more at the center of the message, which “Savior” is a subset. He isn’t the Christ, if He isn’t the Savior, but it also means He is God, the Second Person in the Trinity, and Lord.

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