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The first time “sanctify” occurs in scripture is in Genesis 2:3, which says, “And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made.” It is also the first time the Hebrew word that translates “sanctified” occurs. You can read that God sanctifies the seventh day. This means God sets it apart. He makes a unique day, unlike other days. It isn’t a common day, because God sanctified it. Just because God sets it apart, it is set apart, very much like when He created light. He says, let there be light, and there is light. In the beginning, God set apart this special day. He wanted it to be separate. How does a day separate? It is treated separately, which is a physical treatment, what is done with it. It is separate in imagination, thought about differently, in a serious way. It is used different, unique activities, some that would be ordinarily done then not to be done. All of it is about God. You’ve got six days, which can be used for deeds and reasons that are more common. You can work and you can enjoy. Time needs to be designated for remembering, meditating, adoring, praising, exalting God, the things of God. God deserves the entire week. He deserves everything. But He has given us things. He says, set apart some of it as the point that it does all belong to Me. And then the rest of scripture goes on to talk about the doctrine of sanctification. God our Creator and our Savior wants this practice of setting apart. Let’s do that.

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