The Greatness of a Nation

by admin ~ July 1st, 2011. Filed under: Brandenburg.

Are we a great country? Has the United States been a great country? If the U.S. is great, how did it become great? Some would say we aren’t great, we haven’t been great, and we’re paying now for the sins of our past, those sins being what we did to the American Indian and to the Africans that we brought here in slavery, and perhaps for other acts we have done in various places in different wars. Some also say that capitalism is evil and people have become wealthy at the expense of others.

People often put too much emphasis on the greatness of a nation. However, if we are to evaluate the greatness of a nation, we should do so based upon Scriptural criteria. We judge using the Bible. Nations will not be sinlessly perfect. However, the United Stated became great because of the Bible. The Bible was preached and believed and practiced by many. Not a majority even, but in a large number of folks, more so than perhaps any other nation at any time in history. The belief and practice of God’s Word even by less than fifty percent of Americans has been enough to bring greatness to this nation. And the greatness of the future will be based upon the percentage of its citizens who take the Bible seriously and follow what God said. And that will only occur through the transformation of men’s souls by the saving gospel.

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