Prerequisite to Bearing Burdens

by admin ~ September 21st, 2019. Filed under: Brandenburg.

Galatians 6:1 speaks of restoring someone and then bearing the burden, the assumption that the one restored needs help to get moving forward in the right way, carried along by the restorer. You can’t really carry someone else’s burden unless you can walk right yourself. Another implication is that someone who can bear someone else’s burden can carry his own. Everyone should have the goal of living the Christian life himself, that is, being saved from sin, redeemed, converted, and then living an obedient life. That requires discipline itself. However, the Christian life also requires reproducing yourself, adding others to the kingdom or building up the church with new people. This requires first evangelism and then training someone until he’s strong enough to live on his own his own Christian life. The two are related as Galatians 6 intimates. No burden bearing will occur until someone can walk himself. The previous chapter in Galatians says, walk in the Spirit not in the flesh, and that is doing it yourself first. Bearing burdens is helping someone else along. Both are commanded. Is there anything related to not being able to obey the second, restore and bear, to the first, walk in the Spirit? Sure. People don’t get beyond themselves to the extent that they never help someone else get there. They might talk about it, but it never happens. They have no one they can say, that’s a person that I have helped get there. To start, it’s got to be a goal, because you understand it as a goal.

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