Cause to Sin, No

by admin ~ September 6th, 2019. Filed under: Brandenburg.

As a thought experiment, think about being offended over someone’s unscriptural behavior. In my years of pastoring, I’ve noticed individuals offended over violations of scripture in others. They talk about those bad things. They are concerned. Stick with the experiment. If you are offended with unscriptural practice, what do you think would characterize you? Of course, scriptural living. The problem with unscriptural living is that it isn’t scriptural, which doesn’t please God. People who don’t like unscriptural deeds would increase in scriptural deeds. And yet very often that’s not what I’ve seen with offense. The offense doesn’t connect to more scriptural practice. It means now people will practice less scriptural. Since someone else has done something wrong, now other people can do it too. No. Unscriptural behavior doesn’t justify other unscriptural behavior. Concern over unscriptural behavior of course would not result in more unscriptural behavior, but in less. What is the reality of more unscriptural behavior following stated concern over unscriptural behavior? Someone isn’t really concerned about unscriptural behavior. It isn’t concern and perhaps just faux concern. I’m asking for a thought experiment, so that you can think about yourself. This is always going to happen around you. You’re going to see regular disobedience to God’s Word around you. Be concerned for the disobedient people and let it be a lesson to live more consistent Christian living yourself.

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