by admin ~ August 17th, 2019. Filed under: Brandenburg.

Because of computer science, people often use the word “binary” in many different contexts in a helpful way. When used, binary means “one of two choices.” If someone does not choose one, then he chooses the other. Sometimes life presents itself in that way. Not every situation in life, however, is binary. Someone can live a good Christian life in general and be a good Christian while struggling with a particular problem in his life, as long as he is struggling. “Struggling” means “trying to accomplish against difficulty or hardship” in this instance. Someone doesn’t give up on the entire Christian life because of one struggle. Others don’t judge him to fail at the Christian life because of one struggle. One struggle doesn’t ruin everything else. Every Christian struggles. Struggling characterizes a successful Christian life. Just capitulating to the sin is not struggling. Someone might not handle correction very well, but he wants to listen to correction and change. He’s struggling with that. A bad reaction to correction isn’t supportive or respectful of authority, but it doesn’t mean that someone doesn’t support or respect authority as long as the struggle is there to support or respect authority even when it might not occur. The Christian life is binary when someone just gives up or gives in and stops struggling. He isn’t a Christian. He either is enduring and struggling forward or he is not. That is binary. When someone corrects you, that doesn’t mean he judges you to be lost or a failure. That isn’t binary.

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