Persecution of Christianity in America

by admin ~ August 3rd, 2019. Filed under: Brandenburg.

In our country within the Western world, devotees of immorality persecute the church, advocates of homosexuality persecute the church, and those who promote godless freedom to sin hate biblical Christianity. They hate scripture itself. They hate those who hold to God’s Word. This persecution comes from individuals, it comes from groups, and it comes from governments. Our own government has engaged in persecuting Christians who do not acknowledge certain immoral behaviors. That persecution will continue. It is new to us in America. We’ve prided ourselves on our religious freedom, our openness, and our willingness to accept any religion. We’ve felt that America was established on a biblical morality, but biblical truth has become very unpopular. Unbelievers now have defined morality in their own terms, and anything that speaks against that is to be rejected, which means the Bible. The satanic kingdom is exercising freedoms in America and in the West that it once didn’t have the opportunity. I can’t predict the future. Time will reveal how far this anti-biblical persecution will go, what they will do to the church, what they will do to believers, and what the price will be that we will pay. But it is to be expected.

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