Remedy for Apostasy

by admin ~ June 1st, 2019. Filed under: Brandenburg.

As you consider how hard it is to remain consistent and strong in your faith in Christ, you should remember the state of the faith at certain points in history. Everyone in the world, except for eight souls, rejected the truth in the day of Noah. A vast majority of Israel turned away at various points of the history of Israel: in the wilderness after the exodus from Egypt, during the ministry of Elijah and Elisha, and then during the time of the preaching of Jeremiah. Just because most people aren’t believing doesn’t mean that either the faith isn’t credible or that you have reached a unique time of faithlessness. The apostasy itself begets more apostasy as people reject the idea that something believed by so few could be true or that God wouldn’t expect faithfulness during such times of great unbelief. The faith should not be stressed by such experiences but instead send you to the Word of God, which strengthens your faith. Turn toward more obedience to the Lord as a means of building you up and then edifying others. Let’s not think about some kind of stalemate, but instead about an advance or taking of new ground. In 2 Peter as a remedy for apostasy, Peter commands both ‘add to your faith’ and ‘bring yourself into remembrance.’

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