Bodily Resurrection in the Old Testament

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Many passages in scripture talk about existence beyond death. Some passages though talk about resurrection, a bodily existence beyond death. This is even more common in the Old Testament than maybe people think. In Genesis 22, which is not very far into the Bible, Abraham almost sacrifices his son and then God himself provides the sacrifice in a ram. From Hebrews 11:17-19 we see that
the only way that Abraham could have believed that this instruction came from God to kill his own son, his firstborn son, the son in whom God himself had promised that the line would continue, is that he believed that God had the ability to raise his son Isaac from the dead. That has to be a bodily existence. It is not some sort of mystical or ethereal or non-corporeal new life. It has to be life from the dead, because Isaac would then have to pass on his genes to the next generation and the next generation and so on, or the promise would have been invalid. In other words, there was already some sort of notion of resurrection and its possibility under the mighty hand of God that was grasped by Abraham right at the beginning of the covenant promises to the Messianic people.

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