The Faith of God’s Chosen People

by admin ~ April 12th, 2019. Filed under: Brandenburg.

Why are so many Jewish people, who we agree from scripture are God’s chosen people, so very often secular, atheist, socialist, or leftists? Furthermore, Jewish people are very often the most antagonistic toward those who love them the most in the United States and probably the world, evangelical Christians, who take the Bible literally. There is a lot of history behind this, and I see two primary reasons, not in this order. First, Jews are and have been a persecuted minority with a desire to emancipate themselves from the hatred of society. If everyone is treated as equal, then they would be treated as equal. Fairness to everyone would be fairness to them, even if it requires redistribution of wealth, taking from them to give it to others. This is combined with a messianic tradition promising an ideal future that translates into utopian society. So, that’s one. Second, the state churches of Roman Catholicism and then Protestant Germany were virulently antisemitic because of their eschatology, seeing the state church as a replacement for Israel as the fulfillment of God’s kingdom. Jews have reacted to both of those, the first one to them as a positive and the second as a negative. Both are seriously wrong. The answer still, of course, is the gospel.

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