Male Leadership

by admin ~ March 16th, 2019. Filed under: Brandenburg.

We need men. Things aren’t looking good out there – government, church, and family. Male leadership is the design of God, not a social construct. Social constructionism is “the idea that social institutions and knowledge are created by actors within the system, rather than having any inherent truth on their own.” The church is “the pillar and ground of the truth” (2 Tim 3:15) and the “Word is truth” (John 17:17), which teaches patriarchy. The many problems are not because men are in charge. In general, men don’t take charge today. Corrupt male leadership and a lack of male leadership is the problem. The former is not a reason to desert the latter. Very often, they are afraid to lead. They don’t want to be judged. If we are in such desperate condition with male leadership that we need female leadership, then we are in the worst shape. Throughout the Old Testament, there was no woman with an ongoing prophetic ministry, a priest, and no queen ever ruled Israel. No woman wrote an Old Testament (or New Testament) book. Isaiah 3:12 indicates that God allowed women to rule as part of His judgment on the sinning nation. If men do bad, that doesn’t mean women will do better. We’ve got to solve male leadership.

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