God’s Creation Shows His Power

by admin ~ February 16th, 2019. Filed under: Brandenburg.

A revivalistic song of my youth, that we wouldn’t use here now, had words that still cross my mind. I’m right now thinking of one line from the song. “Creation shows the power of God, His glory all around.” There it is. The song was titled, “It Took a Miracle.” It wasn’t good theology, but the one line has my attention right now again. Creation does show the power of God, which is why attack continues on the Genesis account of creation, which gives glory to God for everything that we see, all the immensity and wonders of it. Other views cover up the power of God and turn it into something that occurred in a merely naturalistic manner or just an accident. The steadfast defiance against the biblical record and even science itself for creation is part of the plan of Satan, who is not as powerful as God. Satan couldn’t create anything, but he still tries to take the glory away from God in everything. The second line is, His glory all around. Glory is the manifestation of God. God’s glory is seen through His creation. Creation testifies of God. Everyone sees the nature of God in creation so that everyone is without excuse. This is how they know God, know Him enough that they could receive that knowledge, and God would in turn give them more.

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