Tough Love

by admin ~ February 9th, 2019. Filed under: Brandenburg.

I’m sure you’ve heard terminology like “tough love,” that isn’t in the Bible, but it gives an impression. You love someone, so you do something that is tough, because it will help him, even if it hurts. Tough love may not be given credit as love, even though it is love. Love is what it is and sometimes requires toughness. There actually are not varieties of love though. Some might call “tough” and “love” a tension, even though there isn’t really any tension between the two. The Lord’s Table brings the blessings of com-munion, a necessity for the church. It gets there through tough activities, which include examination, confession, and reconciliation. As our church comes to the Lord’s Table, the toughness is found in quiet contemplation, to think about what’s been wrong. We’ve got to be honest with our relationships. Are we holding grudges? Are we not forgiving? Communion requires communion. This is the requirement behind the blessing of unity – blessed are they who dwell together in unity. It’s not ignoring whatever the problem is because we just don’t want to deal with it, because that hurts. Jesus died so we could be reconciled to God. He suffered the greatest. No one suffered more for unity. He brought the tough to love.

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