The Situation with the Koran in Florida

by admin ~ September 10th, 2010. Filed under: Brandenburg, gospel.

Some may be wondering what we think of the threat of the Koran burning stunt by the man in Florida.  The Koran is not from God.  It is a false religion.  The burning of bad books is a scriptural teaching.  You see this in Acts 19:19.  Look it up.  But the difference there was that these were people burning their own books, having repented of the sin and false religion that was involved with them.  This wasn’t people burning other people’s books.  These were people repenting of their own books.  So there really isn’t anything like this in the Bible.  I believe a better passage to apply here is the one in 1 Corinthians 9:19-23, where Paul talks about his testimony to unbelievers.  We are not violating Scripture when we don’t burn a Koran.  So if we don’t burn a Koran, we are not sinning.  But even further, if we don’t burn a Koran, we might have an opportunity to preach to a Moslem.  The Moslem doesn’t know his Koran is wrong, because He hasn’t necessarily heard the explanation for that.  In his perspective, you defiled a holy book.  It isn’t a holy book, but he thinks it is one.  We can use our liberty in a way that will give us a better opportunity to preach to a Moslem.  One way to do that is not to burn his Koran.  That is a passage that applies to the situation down in Florida, and to other situations like it.

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