The Incredible Life

by admin ~ February 2nd, 2019. Filed under: Brandenburg.

How do you know when your life is incredible? Wonderful? Is it because you’re getting everything that you want? You have the things you want, the friends you want, and the activities you want? Perhaps your health is good, so you feel good too. In one sense, many people could have an incredible life, if it could be judged on temporal, physical things. God has given us a lot in the world to enjoy. We can breathe. We have good food. The opportunity is out there to own a lot in this country still. What if your life is incredible but your eternity is pretty crummy? I mean really, really bad. There is a vast difference than a person who is with God through all eternity and one who misses that, to be separated from Him forever in Hell. You could have as good a life as you want and you can’t say that it’s incredible if you have an incredible life, ending with eternity in Hell. However, let’s for a moment assume that you are saved. Do you really judge your life by whether you are getting the things that you want? If you get all that you want, and then you weren’t obedient. That’s not incredible. What if you got nothing that you wanted, but you could and then you did serve God with everything that you’ve got? Is that an incredible life? I hope you think so, because like Jesus said, our life does not consist of the things that we possess.

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