Your Life Is a Postcard

by admin ~ January 26th, 2019. Filed under: Brandenburg.

When I’m on a trip, I very often think of getting a postcard to send to folks back home. You can’t write much on a postcard, so you think about what’s important. It doesn’t take time to write it, but the little bit that you write can be significant. Your life is like a postcard. It really isn’t very long. You don’t have much space to write. You want to make sure that what you are writing is exactly what you want to say. You don’t have any space to waste. It just occurred to me that it’s like this tiny area on which I write the Pastor’s desk every week. I want to try to pack in as much as I can, but at least to get across my point. What is on your postcard? Does it look like the world? Does it look just like you, that is, is it about you? Is it your hobbies or about fun? Is it money, a career? Are you filling up the small space with what life is supposed to be about? The postcard summarizes your life. How would your life be summarized if you could put it into a few words, if someone else were to tell you what it was in just a couple of sentences? If it is going to be eternal, if it is going to about God and His Word, then that might need to show up in more ways, in more time, and with greater prominence. I’m asking you to think about it. Your life is a postcard.

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