The Father’s Business

by admin ~ January 20th, 2019. Filed under: Brandenburg.

The terminology, business meeting, doesn’t occur in the Bible. In Luke 2 Jesus said as a twelve year old in His earthly life, a word supplied by the King James translators, business. Jesus was about His Father’s business, literally “my Father’s,” so His Father’s what? The temple of God, which was the earthly house of God, which Jesus calls His Father’s house, was God’s business. What was the temple about? It was about the worship of God. I’m not going to trace that through the Old Testament all the way to when Jesus said it, but the Father’s business is whatever He says in His Word. What we do with money from offerings is the Father’s business. The temple of God in the New Testament is the church. The first responsibility of the church is the worship of God, which is acknowledging God and giving Him what He wants. How does a church use the money in a New Testament way? The church should ensure that the church continues doing what God wants. The offerings of Israel took care of the Levites, who were to take care of the worship of God. The Levites didn’t have a means of taking care of themselves, as they weren’t given land by God. The people were to take care of them to take care the worship of God.

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