Celebrating Christmas

by admin ~ December 30th, 2018. Filed under: Brandenburg.

We come around to Christmas again. My whole time as pastor has been questioning of some, not of the birth of Christ, but the holiday. I’m sure the idea is that people don’t want to dishonor the Lord. One year my wife and I did not have a tree, because we were so tiny in number that it would affect the group toward being disgruntled, since one family attending at that time was against it. It wasn’t a big enough of an issue for us to have a tree and then cause the waves there. We wanted them to be happy. As I have continued, it’s been a regular question. I’ve answered what I believe about it again and again. Obviously, I don’t think it is wrong to celebrate Christ’s birth in December. We use words that have ancient associations with paganism, like all the days of our week. I think Wednesday is Woden day and Thursday is Thor day and those are both pagan. I think all seven days are a problem, but we still use the terms. Was Jesus born in December? Was the birth associated with the winter solstice and pagan worship? I’ve talked about all those in the past. I stick with this. Christ’s birth is important. It should be celebrated. Christ should be praised. It is a major theme and an important focus. It is a good opportunity to bring glory to the Lord.

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