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Today is November 11, 2018, which happens to be the 100th anniversary of the completion of World War 1, also known as the Great War. Guns sounded at 11 on 11/11 to end it. This summer my wife and daughters and I were touched to visit the United States Cemetery in Normandy, France and walk among the tombstones of those who died there in the invasion of Europe. That was a different war, but it was a moving experience to be where that second event occurred not long after the first one. In Europe this week, commemorating and memorializing, President Macron of France said, “Nationalism is rising across Europe, the nationalism that demands the closing of frontiers, which preaches rejection of the other. It is playing on fears, everywhere. Europe is increasingly fractured.” He is using the anniversary for political purposes. I ask, what does Macron expect? Even if France itself doesn’t represent a scriptural way of life. Scripture shows stable and cohesive national identities are the will of God. This is one means God has used to preserve the truth and His way of living in this world. There is no unifying factor in the whole world and there never will be until the Antichrist takes it by force, and then more preferably, Jesus rules over the entire world according to His will. Our soldiers fought for our nation and for principles that Americans had in common, which were worth dying for. We can be thankful for them and those men and what privileges we still hold dear, that allow us to meet in freedom to worship God today as a church.

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