by admin ~ September 29th, 2018. Filed under: Brandenburg.

I want us to consider the word “distraction.” Don’t be distracted as you do. You’ve perhaps heard the little phrase, “take your eye off the ball,” which is used in numerous sports that use a ball. Not much is at stake in a sport, if you take your eye off the ball, but it is about not being distracted. We found a little note, written by our daughter Julia for her friends, that had a list of important information, the first of which she numbered, stay focus. “Stay focus” relates to distraction. A large part of Satan’s plan is to use the world system for distraction. He keeps you distracted with temporal things, what are almost meaningless, turning them into more important things than eternal things. It is a kind of faithlessness, not believing what God says in His Word about what is important. Instead, we go according to our feelings or just whatever gets our attention. Not being distracted from the eternal must be a purposeful, determined disposition. That is a matter of faith. Do we believe God or not? Do we believe God’s Word of not? We’ve got to ask ourselves those questions. If we do believe God, then we choose not to be distracted. What are the distractions? Today there are more than ever, which explains why there is great apostasy in the world and growing in the United States. Churches are getting further and further from the point and purpose. Today it is television, social media, the internet, sports, recreation, and family. We could justify some of these, which make them more dangerous. Distraction could be idolatry, because the distraction becomes more important than God.

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