Doing What He Said

by admin ~ September 2nd, 2018. Filed under: Brandenburg.

“He didn’t do what I said.” There are various degrees of problem with someone not doing what someone said. The biggest problem is if this is God saying this. Disobedience to what God said is as serious as any of the degrees of problem. I think it isn’t taken as seriously as other ones, but it is the worst of all. It means you are disobeying scripture. Next, it’s a child, and “I” is a parent, mother or father. We would first want to assume that a parent is telling his child something that is scriptural. If he didn’t do an unscriptural command or request, this is different. If it is a child still at home, this is serious. If it is one outside of the home, it is still serious, but not quite as serious. Are your children doing what you tell them? At home, it must occur. Outside of the home, it should be expected, but it won’t have the same repercussions as if he were still in the home, but it is still serious. If this is an employer speaking about his employee, this is serious, again as long as it is a scriptural. When the boss says to do something, the employee should do it. I would understand, however, if what the boss said could be cataclysmic for the company, because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Sometimes decisions are made in the hierarchy of authority, that are best for the whole company, but not best for a particular authority. Let’s say this is a wife, making this statement. Does a husband have to do what his wife says? No. He can do it, but he isn’t required to do it. He’s not under her authority. He might still do it, because this is a loving thing to do.

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