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I went to a website to see rules for witnesses, since we are witnesses. Not all of them apply to witnessing for the Lord, such as “answer the question,” because we’re not answering questions as witnesses for Christ. First, tell the truth. We can tell the truth and we should. We need to know the truth, but tell it, which leads to the second rule. Do not guess. If you do not know something or cannot recall a fact, “I do not recall” is the correct answer. Third, be only as specific as your memory allows. Be certain it is clear to everyone that you are paraphrasing, when you are paraphrasing. Be certain it is clear to everyone that you are quoting, when you are quoting. Four, if you are interrupted, let the person who interrupted you finish the interruption. Firmly but courteously state that you have not finished your answer to the previous question. Then, finish your answer to the previous question. Five, never express anger. Overall, take your solemn oath to testify to the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth seriously. Six, think before you speak. Wait five full seconds before you begin. It also gives you time to think about your answer. Seven, if there is an objection, listen to it very carefully. You only know what you have seen or heard. Eight, do not testify about what you think or feel, unless you are specifically asked “what you thought” or “how you felt.” These are all rules. There were more, but these are some of what are expected for a witness in a court of all. If we are going to witness, we have similar responsibilities.

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