Continuationism and Cessationism

by admin ~ July 28th, 2018. Filed under: Brandenburg.

Perhaps you’ve heard me use the terminology, continuationism and cessationism. In a brief manner, I want to help you understand. This is theological terminology that applies to other terms, “sign gifts.” The New Testament lists gifts of the Holy Spirit in two categories that relate to their purpose, one being gifts of edification and the other being gifts of authentication, confirmation, or accreditation. Those for confirmation, the latter category, are called sign gifts. They are signs that something or someone is of God, so they would signify that someone was an apostle, that a prophecy had been fulfilled, that what someone was saying was from God, or that God has changed the era and the institution through which He was working. When you look at scripture, the sign gifts are amazing or wondrous on a level that mark them as of God, so divine or supernatural. They would also say that God actually is in operation on earth, in events, or in history. A continuationist says these sign gifts are still occurring. A cessationist says they have ceased in the first century, that God isn’t giving those gifts to anyone at this time, because He has no purpose to do so. If someone still had a sign gift today, how would you know? It would have to fit everything that you see in scripture about sign gifts. You would judge the sign gifts by scripture. Nothing occurring today comes even close to fulfilling a sign gift. Those saying they have them are either deceived or lying themselves. We don’t have them today, because we don’t need them.

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