God Wants to Be Known…., But His Way

by admin ~ July 6th, 2018. Filed under: Uncategorized.

I was talking to someone about God’s revelation this week, and I mentioned to him something that I have said before. God wants to be known, but He hides Himself. On purpose, He doesn’t make it as easy as possible for us to see Him. He is very easy to see. However, He doesn’t jump through every hoop that we would want Him. Actually, He doesn’t jump through any hoops—He’s God. God does what He does. He does His will. With Him there is no variableness nor shadow of turning, as James 1 tells us. What I told this younger man was that God doesn’t want the acknowledgment of His existence like someone would acknowledge the existence of his left foot. God wants to be sought after, sought for, wanted. He gives the amount of revelation necessary for anyone to get it, but the ones who do are those that really want it, so it is a threshold in that way. For those, who might say that they would receive Him, but He hasn’t given enough revelation, that’s not true. He’s given enough revelation. Someone won’t acknowledge it, because of rebellion. In the end, people stray from or ignore God, go their own way, because they don’t want God in charge of their lives. They play a game with God where His revelation is always just not enough. Even if He gave more, the bar would be raised like was in Jesus’ day with the religious leaders. They didn’t want revelation. They wanted an excuse for living how they wanted to live and in being in charge of their own lives. Some professing Christians, I believe, use the same excuse for their nonchalance and apathy.

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