God Created Motherhood

by admin ~ May 19th, 2018. Filed under: Brandenburg.

When God created Eve, He created motherhood. He expected the woman to bear children, after the curse of sin bear them in pain. Then came the first two children, two sons, in Genesis 4. An initial message of deliverance was that Eve was the mother of all living, that mankind would survive because of the grace of God, despite sin entering the world and death by sin. The woman’s seed, her offspring, would bruise the head of the serpent, the promise of salvation for mankind. Motherhood weaves its way through Genesis with the covenant with Abraham and then the childlessness of Rebekah. The fulfillment of motherhood for her was the provision of God. The story continues in similar fashion until we get to the promise of a virgin being with child in Isaiah 7:14 and then the fulfillment with Mary in Bethlehem at the beginning of the gospel accounts. When Jesus describes His care for Israel and Jerusalem before His judgment on the nation, He compares Himself to a mother hen desirous to protect its chicks. From another perspective, God’s Word in regular fashion calls on children and sons in particular to hear the instruction of a mother, to let her teaching and warnings keep them from an early death and spiritual destruction. Hearken to the voice of thy mother when sinners entice thee. A mom seems to have more at stake with her children because so much of her success in life seems to be wrapped up in her children. She is often willing to go to further lengths than all other persons for the survival and then thriving of her children.

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