Church Programs

by admin ~ June 26th, 2010. Filed under: Brandenburg, church.

Leaders of churches today face a particular conflict.  They want to grow in numbers, but the kind of growth taught in scripture isn’t compatible with the type of life that church members want to live.  Church leaders have developed programs that enable their members to participate in a way that requires little to no faith on their part.  The Christian life taught in the Bible is really very simple.  You stay in fellowship with God through personal devotion, prayer and Bible study, and corporate worship, preaching, public prayer, tangible giving, and congregational singing.  You serve God in making disciples, in part through evangelism.  So you read your Bible, pray, go to church, and preach the gospel to the lost.  But those are things that people don’t want to do, especially the latter.  So churches develop programs in which people won’t have to do those things.  The programs have replaced some of the basic obedience in the Christian life.  Rather than develop stronger Christians, it props up people with either little or no faith.  Many professing Christians today are looking for ways to get out of serving, so that they have more time for themselves.  These programs make this possible.  You put in your little chunk of time, then your done and free to do what you want to do.  This is not how God intended it to be.

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