Birth of Christ

by admin ~ December 30th, 2017. Filed under: Brandenburg, Jesus.

The birth of Christ is an important part of the overall story, teaching, and picture. It goes all the way back to the beginning after man fell into sin, but then we know that it actually goes back to before the foundations of the world, because of God’s foreknowledge. The way Jesus was born fulfilled prophecy, so we would know that He was the Messiah, to believe in Him. By becoming a man, He fulfilled many different purposes for mankind, chief among these was to possess a body to offer as a sacrifice for sins. Scripture doesn’t say this anywhere, so it is an opinion, but one I think I could prove. The birth of Christ is the greatest event in the history of mankind, all things considered. Others were very, very great, but this is the greatest. For this reason, it is an event that perhaps also brings the most ever distractions. Christmas is camouflaged from its actual purpose. All sorts of temporal things and experiences result in a kind of indifference. Even if someone really wanted to prioritize, enjoy, and appreciate to the degree that the birth of Christ deserves, it is difficult. It’s hard to do it justice year after year. One way that can help is to listen to scripture as it is exposed, very carefully. Read about, meditate upon the biblical account itself.

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