The Surety of Assurance of Salvation

by admin ~ December 9th, 2017. Filed under: Brandenburg.

How sure is the assurance of salvation? You say, sure. Others say, no one can know, which isn’t true. If you know, really know, why do you then need assurance? You know. You don’t need assurance when you know. If you know what the Bible teaches, which is all you can know about the assurance of salvation, then you know why assurance of salvation isn’t exactly like knowing that you’ve got shoes on, or something like that – the assurance that you are wearing shoes. How do you know you have shoes on? It’s not the same, but we know why from scripture, so that we can call it assurance of salvation. It is assurance as far as the Bible treats assurance, and the Bible is God’s Word, so it is the truth. God knows that if you had assurance while living in sin, you would live in sin. You aren’t promised assurance of salvation while you are living in sin. Someone living in sin might not be saved, probably isn’t. You don’t want an unsaved person having assurance. Assurance goes only to people who are really saved. They can have it. It is something that you have to embrace, assurance. You don’t have to be diligent to be saved, but you have to be diligent to be assured that you are. This is how God has designed it, and it makes total sense.

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