Sincerity of Thanks

by admin ~ November 24th, 2017. Filed under: Brandenburg.

I was giving thought to my sincerity of thanks. I really do think I’m thankful to God and others, but I know I can deceive myself as to my motives. It’s ironic here, I know. Am I thankful or just saying I’m thankful? I want people to hear thanks, and it really should be meaningful, not just something that’s required after someone has done something, as a kind of leadership quality or request to keep doing more of the same. On the other hand, there is effort put into expressions of thanks, because we are really thankful and we want someone to know it, so we go out of our way to thank someone. The Apostle Paul says many times that he is thankful to those in his churches, the ones he evangelized and were saved. I know what it’s like out there, and I am really, really thankful for you. You’re amazing. I want more from you, but I also am very grateful. Of course, God has given us so much and we need to show Him our thanks in as many ways as possible. You have shown thanks to me and my family too. I’m thankful for your thanksgiving.

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