The Church Building

by admin ~ October 8th, 2017. Filed under: Brandenburg, church.

The emphasis on the building for a church originated in Roman Catholicism. We know from the New Testament that congregations met in houses. We don’t read, if you meet in a house, that will be very bad and the church will never grow if you do that. However, today people don’t think you are a church or have a church without a building. If you meet in a home, to many that would mean that it isn’t even a church. There is pressure especially on young congregations to spend money on a building, so that it will look established, look solid – look like a church. Roman Catholicism takes a position on the Old Testament and the kingdom that treats the church like Old Testament Israel, which had a physical temple and priests. Roman Catholicism put more and more emphasis on the building. There is a different emphasis now more in line with the spirit of the age. It’s nice for a church to own property and have its own building. If it has one, it should take care of it in representation of the Lord and in honor to Him.

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