by admin ~ September 23rd, 2017. Filed under: Brandenburg.

Yesterday, I read the New York (NY) Times editorial, the entire essay for the purpose of judging the morality of a well-known, prominent person in the United States. A moral by dictionary definition is a standard for behavior, so in the NY Times’s case, a standard by which to judge behavior. Morality is a system of principles for judging what is right or wrong. One would assume that to judge morality, you would have some basis for deciding what is right and wrong. What is that basis? If someone is going to judge someone else, he would need a standard, something that is an authority for judging right or wrong. What is the standard of the NY Times? I would be interested. The NY Times thinks abortion is moral. It thinks that same-sex marriage is moral. It believes humanity got here by chance. You can’t trust what someone says about morality if he doesn’t have an objective standard of judgment. The only defensible position of morality comes from the Bible.

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