Contradictory Situations

by admin ~ May 22nd, 2010. Filed under: Brandenburg.

The end times mark a one world government and a one world religion that God destroys.  We don’t want a one world government and a one world religion, because those are against God, rebelling against Him.  However, we do want them because they mean that the time of God’s kingdom has come.  There are several of these types of, humanly-speaking, seemingly contradictory situations.  We don’t want to be chastised and yet we are thankful for chastisement.  We don’t want to go through trials but yet we know that trials will work endurance and strength and growth into our lives.  So through evangelism and being the influence on government that we can, we are attempting to postpone the inevitable, a one world government and religion.  We don’t want to have a fatalistic view of the end times.  We don’t want to assume that we are living at that moment right before the Antichrist and False Prophet come on the scene, but we also need to be prepared for the possibility.  These thoughts don’t actually contradict.  They provide a pull or a tension that gives us the right balance in our lives.  We try to postpone end time events at the same time trusting the Lord with the future.  We are against the things that lead to those times and yet we point to those events as signs of the times.  The godly will suffer persecution but we want a nation that lives peaceably with Christians.

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