by admin ~ July 22nd, 2017. Filed under: Brandenburg.

One word I hate to hear from anyone is “bored,” especially from young people. Very often, when someone says he is bored, it means he’s not being entertained. He doesn’t have enough productive to do in order to stay interested himself on his own. I also hear the word “distraction.” Men look for distraction. What they have isn’t good enough, so they need to be distracted from it in order for them to cope. Because they are bored, they constantly look for distraction. The boredom is the emptiness, the lack of fulfillment. The joy in labor is a gift of God. Men don’t have that joy in their work. They have their work and they have their lives, but they aren’t fulfilled, because God never intended for man to experience true satisfaction without Him. That’s the itch that men can’t scratch. Of course, only through Jesus can men be reconciled to God, the only true solution for boredom.

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