by admin ~ July 15th, 2017. Filed under: Brandenburg.

When you look at the entire universe, the earth is very insignificant. A spacecraft photographed earth from Saturn’s rings and it is a speck of light with the moon as an even smaller speck. You would not judge this planet as being that important. It is most important in the vastness of space, because God created it special. However, your judgment is skewed if you judge by perspective. The relative size of earth is small. No, small things like earth can be greater than large things. As someone once wrote, little is much when God is in it. Summer time magnifies the smallness of our church. People are traveling. You add to that people being sick, and we might have half of who normally assemble. It doesn’t look like it could count for much, nor that it could be right. More people would believe what’s right. But that’s not how we know the truth. We know it by looking at scripture and through the Bible we find true significance.

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