by admin ~ July 1st, 2017. Filed under: Brandenburg, Jesus.

John 2 records the first passover in Jerusalem of Jesus’ after He began His public ministry. Jesus cleanses the temple, His Father’s house, because the religious leaders had made it a house of merchandise, instead of one of prayer. Someone should understand a house of prayer as a place of fellowship with God. However, God’s house had become about men instead of about God, not something to glorify Him. How did Jesus react to that? Anger, righteous indignation. Jesus loved His Father. He loved His Father’s house. It was also His house. Before He came to earth, Jesus had lived in the superior heavenly house of God, which Hebrews reveals. He knew what the real house was really all about, and they, who were supposed to represent God on earth, were corrupting or blaspheming it. His anger related to a holy ardor for His Father, for His house, and for those who would abide in that house with God. The love related to values. What do you value and so love, and what brings out your indignation?

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