Just Because a Lot of People

by admin ~ April 28th, 2017. Filed under: Brandenburg.

A common view of the world is that since a certain number or a whole lot of people think a certain way, then it must be true, the sense here being that whether something is true is based upon a majority vote. Most of the history of the world saw nations that did not think and practice like the United States. The United States is an exceptional country, not a normal one. Normal is what we see throughout the rest of the world. The exceptionalism of the United States is based upon certain governing principles that have brought success, which we also see being abandoned by most. God’s people in scripture were a remnant, never a majority. Jesus Himself said that the road to life eternal is a few finding a narrow gate onto a narrow road, versus a broad road that leads to destruction. The majority is on the broad road. Every smaller church such as ours wants to be bigger, but whether we are small or big, that isn’t what determines the truth.

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