The Superiority of Scriptural Evidence for the Resurrection

by admin ~ April 21st, 2017. Filed under: Brandenburg.

If I had preached a traditional Easter sermon today, I would have preached about the Bible as evidence of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Believing in Jesus Christ is as much or more than anything, believing in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The defeat of death could be described as our salvation. If Jesus defeated death, and can defeat death, then He can save us from death. He did. He can. Can we trust the Bible as evidence? People treat the Bible like it can’t be evidence. Instead, to them that must come from outside of the Bible to be legitimate. However, faith comes by hearing the Word of God, not by hearing external evidence, non-scriptural evidence (Rom 10:17). We should not bow to secular, pagan faithless rejection of scripture as evidence. Even as a matter of history and science, the Bible stands as greater evidence, sufficient evidence for anything. As ancient evidence, there is nothing like the Bible. Everything else shrinks in comparison.

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