The Evidence God Gives

by admin ~ April 15th, 2017. Filed under: Brandenburg.

Men by themselves don’t know what is the right or correct standard of evidence for the truth. As this is applied to believing the Lord, most men would say that they want more. If God gave more, would that be better? That is where God is right and we are wrong. The people God saves are those who believe the evidence He gives. This isn’t necessarily the most evidence or even the amount that men want. It is what God gives, what He wants to give, that is, therefore, perfect. God gives the exact right amount. If that’s not enough for a man, it’s not that it’s not enough. It’s just not enough for him. It’s enough, just not for him, and he’s wrong. He’s proven to be a rebel by what it takes for him to believe. From my perspective, there is far more evidence than man needs for what he normally says he needs. He’s being dishonest about the evidence. There’s a lot. The amount of evidence God gives is enough for the believer, the one who believes and pleases God.

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