Diagnosing a World of Lies

by admin ~ April 8th, 2017. Filed under: Brandenburg.

When the most fundamental, foundational truths no longer are received or accepted as true, that is, we will not believe the truth, then we are left with a world of lies. The truth doesn’t matter any more, except as a matter of personal taste. In that sense it is just relative truth. It’s truth relative to me, if it is convenient for me. We start with truth about God and His Word, because this is most fundamental. Even if men construct a world of lies, it doesn’t mean that we can’t know the truth or that we are not responsible for knowing it. There is still the truth and we are supposed to know it and we will be judged based upon it. It also, as Jesus said, sets us free. We are free to live just like God wants us to live and not be fooled by the lies. We are free to believe the truth about ourselves so that we can either repent of our sin or persevere in the faith. We can live with confidence, knowing that God does not lie and our eternity is set. We can look at a world of lies and diagnose it.

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