God Wants Seeking

by admin ~ April 1st, 2017. Filed under: Brandenburg.

I’ve preached on this in different ways in the last year, but I also talk about it with various people out in evangelism. God doesn’t want knowledge of His existence like knowledge that your foot exists, that is, recognition that He’s here. We see this all over scripture, which is the major means by which God reveals Himself. He has already manifested Himself in numerous ways satisfying to Him. He wants to be sought. He will be found by those who genuinely seek Him, but all over the Bible we can see that He has shown Himself through general and special revelation, and He wants us to seek after Him. The people who want Him are the ones who will get through that gauntlet, pass through the threshold into life eternal. They believed. Those that wait for God to jump through their hoops, do the dog and pony show, come beckoning life a heavenly bell hop – they aren’t going to find Him, know Him, or receive Him. When you do know Him, you’re life will change

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