The Main Point of the Bible

by admin ~ March 18th, 2017. Filed under: Brandenburg.

What’s the main point of the Bible? This is a common discussion among Christians, church leaders, and theologians. The Bible has a unified meaning if it is not a hodge-podge of literature culled from disparate sources, and it is not. It has a central theme, unified around its one Author, God Himself. Nothing in scripture contradicts anything else in it. As you read it, you see an ultimate end to which subordinate ends serve to highlight. Judgment is a theme. Salvation or redemption is a theme. The end is the glory of God. God will be glorified through salvation, which comes by means of judgment. Everyone is judged by His standard and those who are saved are those who submit to His judgment. God will judge sin. When we stand before God, justice must be done. Jesus died for us so that justice for sin would be done and redemption still could be paid. He receives the glory through this in many different ways, but in general for His holiness and for His love.

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